Pacific Jewish Center - 5775
Shabbas Bamidbar and Shavuos

The Shul on the Beach 505 Ocean Front Walk Venice Beach

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We once again gratefully welcome Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz to PJC.

Friday, May 22nd

6:30 pm   Mincha/Maariv

7:35 pm   Candle lighting

Saturday May 23rd

9:00 am   Shachris

Dvar Torah from R. Rubanowitz

1:30 pm   Mincha (NOTE SPECIAL TIME)


Shavuos begins Shabbat Evening!

7:35 pm [Saturday night]   Candle lighting (earliest time)

9:00 pm   Maariv

9:45   Community Dinner (Reservation Required)

11:15 pm   Oneg all invited!

11:45-1:00 AM   Shevuos night study led by R. Rubanowitz

1:00 AM   Bonus: Additional study with the rabbi

Sunday May 24 First Day of Shavuos

9:30 am   Shachris (Kiddush following)

7:40 pm   Mincha

8:20 pm   Maariv

Monday May 25 Second Day of Shavuos

9:00 am Shachris (Kiddush following)

10:15 am   Torah Reading followed by Yizkor
11:30 am  
Dvar Torah

11:45 am   Kiddush


7:25 pm   Mincha followed by Neilas haChag marking the end of the holiday

8:25 pm   Maariv

8:38 pm   Havdalah