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Pacific Jewish Center is a unique synagogue 
on the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk

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Pacific Jewish Center is a unique Torah community, located in the Venice/Santa Monica vicinity of Southern California. In the 1950s, “The Shul on the Beach” was part of a thriving Miami Beach-type Jewish coastal community. Over time, suburbanization and the introduction of air-conditioning took their toll. The community was down to one shul (this one) and no minyan.

In the late seventies, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Michael Medved joined together to begin a revitalization campaign which had a tremendously positive effect not just on this Shul, but on literally hundreds of mostly young people seeking to raise the level of their Jewish observance. The Rabbi and Michael merged with a handful of elderly Jews who were struggling to get a morning minyan and keep the shul. Shortly after an arrangement was made between the established congregants and the new members, the morning minyan and Shabbos services were humming with young and old voices alike. What might have been the extinction of a historic Jewish landmark became a vibrant community with a new breath of life.

Over the past three-plus decades, Pacific Jewish Center has grown into a community with a local core of approximately 50 families and friends, plus hundreds others who attend our weekly programming. Membership includes families with children of all ages, elderly couples and singles, young singles and many visitors. Pacific Jewish Center is filled with warmth and caring which is world renowned. PJC is known as well for its thirst for learning. Most of our members were not raised observant, but became observant as a natural outgrowth of their study of Torah and mitzvoth.

A past renovation project retained the Old World charm but added new carpet and paint. It also transformed our back parking lot into a beautiful patio garden that now provides a lovely area for Shabbos Kiddushes as well as community Simchas. Continued renovation plans include remodeling the kitchen, the upstairs room, and adding a lobby.

Pacific Jewish Center warmly invites all visitors and residents of Southern California to visit on Shabbos, at a class, or at the Sunday morning minyan. You can always contact the Shul get the latest scheduling updates.

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Some Facts and Figures

Years since our building was built
Years since Rabbi Daniel Lapin relaunched the Shul
Years since Rabbi Fink was hired
Million visitors to Venice Beach every year
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Our mission is

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Pacific Jewish Center has been the subject
of several special interest multimedia stories

Church Rescue on NatGeo TV

PJC Featured on KCET Departures

Escape into America on MSNBC

Media Inquiries

“A Light Unto the Nations”

Meet Our Rabbi
Eliyahu Fink

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Eliyahu Fink



Rabbi Fink has been with Pacific Jewish Center since 2008. He studied at Ner Israel Rabbinical College and Yeshiva Derech Ayson of Far Rockaway. Rabbi Fink comes from a long line of rabbis and community leaders. In addition to rabbinic ordination, Rabbi Fink is a graduate of Loyola Law School.

Active in the local Venice and Santa Monica community, Rabbi Fink is reaching out to the broader Jewish population to offer the compassionate and passionate Orthodox Judaism that is present at Pacific Jewish Center to the world. Not content with a local reach, Rabbi Fink has taken his message to the Internet where he is a well regarded blogger, columnist, and voice of moderate Orthodox Judaism. Rabbi Fink is frequently interviewed on the radio and quoted in the media. He has published popular articles on a wide range of topics in several prominent online publications. The rabbi keeps an active profile on social media and all are welcome to join the conversation.

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“Everything is better at the beach”

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Prayer and Class Schedule
Parshat Masei
7/25 – 7/31

Friday at The Shul on the Beach
7:41   PM   Candle lighting
6:30   PM   Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat, Maariv
7:30   PM   Kiddush, Dvar Torah with Rabbi Fink

Shabbat at The Shul on the Beach
9:00   AM   Shacharit
10:00 PM   Torah Reading
11:00 AM   Drasha with Rabbi Fink
11:30 AM   Kiddush

5:00  PM   Class #3 with Donny Weltman on Ozone
6:30  PM   Torah Class and Discussion with Sarah Lipman at Shoff Home

Shabbat at The Shul on the Beach
7:20   PM   Mincha
7:50   PM   Seuda Shlishit and Torah discussion with Rabbi Fink
8:41   PM   Havdala

Sunday at 726 Rose Ave.
8:00  AM   Shacharit
8:50  PM   No Rambam Class with Rabbi Fink

Monday at The Shul on the Beach
7:00  PM   Parsha class with Yoseph Beithalachami

Wednesday at The Shul on the Beach
7:30   PM   Hebrew Class with Yoseph Beithalachmi

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